Monday, December 4, 2023

Co-Create Future-Ready Graduates

We exist in a world where the pace of change challenges our current mindset and attitude towards learning. The global labor market, especially in Asia, requires students to acquire future skills to meet the demand of the labor market

With the changing nature of work, students must explore resources beyond their tertiary education and acquire future skills to remain competitive and agile. 

Recognizing that, LEARNTech Asia partnered with ZilLearn – a SaaS cloud-based mobile learning interactive platform, to introduce the Z4Students initiative.

This is a six-month initiative which will come to an end by September 18, 2022. 


    • Foster students who are competitive and agile

    • Enhance the employability of students

    • Cultivate a spirit of learning to adapt their skills to the changing world of work

Through this initiative, we aim to raise a generation of future-proof students for the fast-changing work environment.


Secure A Dream Job

Students can tap on ZilLearn to identify their skills gaps, get smart learning recommendations, and tailor their CVs to improve their employability and career prospects

Industry Certificates

Students can distinguish themselves from other candidates with their in-demand skills and showcase their commitment to professional development, to potential employers 

Broaden Your Potential

Access over 10,000 learning videos and discover personalized skills-focused pathways needed to stay ahead of the curve

Lifelong Learning

Students can access bite-size lessons anywhere, anytime, on any devices even after graduation

What's the price?

Normally priced at USD$135, ZilLearn is offering one year full access to their platform for free to students with a minimal administrative fee of USD$12/year.  This is aligned with LEARNTech Asia’s mission to create inclusive and accessible learning opportunities in Asia. 

About the Partnership

An AI-powered learning platform, ZilLearn is one of Asia’s fastest growing enterprise-level platforms in the mobile Internet field. Partly birthed from the Singapore Emerging Stronger Taskforce’s vision to have a learning and skills credentials platform, ZilLearn harnesses technology to make teaching and learning scalable, sustainable, and adaptable for every person.

Its partnership with LEARNTech Asia for the Z4Students initiative is a step forward as ZilLearn believes that learners should have the opportunity to upgrade their skill sets whenever needed and with ease.

Read more about LEARNTech Asia and ZilLearn’s partnership here