Wednesday, May 29, 2024

What is LEARNTech Asia?

Mission Statement

We believe that the purpose of learning is to build human capacity. We acquire skills and knowledge to contribute to society and move up in life through our various roles and jobs. Relatedly, learning is about valuing and protecting human dignity.

‘Tech’ is more than software and hardware technology. It is knowledge put into practical use to solve problems.

LEARNTech Asia is independent and impartial, telling the stories of innovation in learning by all communities in Asia, whether through the use of advanced technological applications or creative approaches by educators, non-profits, and industry, in whatever unique circumstances they are in.

LEARNTech Asia provides case studies to inspire and allow us to learn from one another. We’re excited to discover and spotlight innovations, giving opportunities for ideas to be further developed and scaled up to benefit more communities.

LEARNTech Asia is the go-to resource for educators and L&D professionals on all things learning technology and learning innovation related. Through conferences and webinars, thought leaders, education, and technology experts convene to discuss trends and share solutions to serve needs unique to Asia and to charter the course of Asia’s education industry.

Editor’s Note

We are living in a time of learning transformation. But there is still educational inequity in Asia. When learners cannot access what they need to learn, society misses out on the potential of entire generations whose minds, talents, and visions for a better future are never realized.

The passion of teachers, the creativity of startups, and the opportunities presented by technology are an exciting intersection of innovative minds looking to solve problems for the future of education and work in Asia. This collaboration is vital in empowering communities to lift themselves out of adversity.

Please contact us if you have a story to share or if you’d like to collaborate.