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LEARNTech Asia believes in an open, cross-cultural collaboration to bring valuable and inspirational perspectives to our audience.

We invite educators, industry experts, entrepreneurs, policy makers, organizations, and institutions to share ideas, research, case studies, and stories. LEARNTech Asia is a platform to showcase knowledge, opinion, and expertise to spark innovation and solutions.

We aim to create inclusive and accessible content resources for an international audience interested in learning innovation and the application of technologies.

Our Invitation

The education technology landscape is continually changing. There’s no better time to invite you to be a contributor to our platform.

    • Share successful stories, case studies, tips, solutions, tutorials
    • Discuss strategy, industry trends, or changes occurring in the eLearning and EdTech space
    • Describe how an emerging technology impacts learning and development
    • Provide a tutorial that guides learners through using a tool or process

Publish with LEARNTech Asia

Foster a knowledge-sharing culture

Knowledge sharing is the key to create inclusiveness and competency development for sustainable and scalable learning. The exchange of ideas, concepts, and experiences with like-minded professionals amplifies knowledge and expertise for mutual goals and capacity building.

Learning agility and professional growth

Learning agility is one of the keys to leadership success and effectiveness. It inspires people to learn from others' experiences while fostering innovation and performance.

Build partnerships and collaboration

Knowledge exchange among virtual communities promotes partnerships and supports collaboration amongst transdisciplinary professionals for a more significant impact.

Develop thought leadership

LEARNTech Asia is your platform to raise your visibility among learning communities. Share your thoughts and opinions on the industry, influencing readers through a subject matter expert perspective. Attract potential collaborations and opportunities.

The Process

Submit your proposal

Proposal Review

Draft submission and editing

Article published



Type of topics we’re interested in, but not limited to:

    1. Learning Technology
    2. Workplace Learning
    3. Skills Development
    4. Training and Teaching Pedagogy
  • Your article should offer current, relevant, practical, and actionable topics and be in-depth enough that the reader walks away with new knowledge.
  • The recommended length of an article is between 700-1,200 words. Research papers can be longer.
  • Images and illustrations to support your article are welcome. But you must wholly own the copyright, OR provide LEARNTech Asia with a license to republish the images/illustration across LEARNTech Asia digital platforms.
  • All written content submitted to LEARNTech Asia must be original, fact-checked, and plagiarism free.
  • Links to third-party images with full credit to public domain, Creative Commons Attribution, or royalty-free images may be provided. Please do not submit news agency or licensed stock images.
  • All data, visuals, quotes, and external content must be hyperlinked and attributed.


If you’d like to submit an article for consideration by our editing team, please ensure to

    • Submit a proposal that includes a summary of your article (150-250 words)
    • Include your name, contact details, job title, professional links, and organization (if applicable)
    • Send your proposals and questions via our contact form

Thank you for your contribution!

LEARNTech Asia will contact you if we are interested in your article proposal with further questions. Please note that this process may take up to two weeks. We look forward to receiving your submissions!