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The LEARNTech Academy Program is an initiative by LEARNTech Asia to build capacity in organizations by driving learning transformation. Central to this transformation is to establish competencies in Digital Learning. 

Traditional programs of instructional and curriculum design are limited by their focus on converting classroom material to courseware.
Through coaching and mentoring by experts, LEARNTech Academy Program is developing a new professional corps of learning architects for different levels of government, organizations, and institutions for the purpose of fulfilling the learning vision of the future. 

Topics Covered

  • Reevaluating and reimagining your learning strategies
  • Leveraging digital technologies to enhance training and development
  • Reinventing work transformation to succeed in Industry 4.0
  • Motivating your team to learn with innovative training approaches
  • Discovering new opportunities in platform technologies
  • Enabling digital leadership
  • Creating a comprehensive and holistic solution by identifying internal and external resources

Course Objectives

Identify current learning and training technology gaps

Leverage technology to enhance the learning and training experience

Understand the learning landscape and real-world applications

Encourage a growth mindset

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The LEARNTech Academy Program is a digital learning transformation curriculum designed to develop a new generation of learning technologists and learning architects who will lead the future of learning at your organization.


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