Saturday, January 22, 2022

Women In Learning

Trailblazers for A Better World. The future of learning is incomplete without women.

The Global Gender Gap Report 2021 reported that the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an increase of closing the global gender gap by a generation, from 99.5 years to 135.6 years.

This increase in gender gap will have a scarring effect on women’s access to learning and skill-building opportunities. Consequently, they will struggle to remain competitive and adaptable especially as automation and digitalization continue to disrupt the global labor market. As such, the 'Women in Learning: Trailblazers for A Better World' Series aims to support women’s equal access to lifelong learning and economic opportunities.


  • Establishing easy access to learning for women in Asia
  • Empowering women in Asia to pursue their lifelong learning journey
  • Encouraging women in Asia to be their own leaders

Through stories and coffee talk sessions, we will address three main challenges women face in reskilling and upskilling themselves:

The State of Women Hangs in a Balance

As we step into the third year of the pandemic, organizations and employers need to address the unequal impact of the pandemic on working women. Reskilling and upskilling initiatives need to include the well-being of women entering, staying, and/or returning to the workforce.

The Onlys in the Room

The pandemic has disproportionately affected women’s access to leadership, decision-making, and boardroom roles. As such, organizations and employers need to re-architect their learning and development approaches to educate and encourage more women into leadership positions.

Breaking into the Boys’ Club

Not all women who return to the labor market choose to return as an employee. Many have chosen to pivot to entrepreneurship. However, women-led micro, small, and medium enterprises (WMSMEs) continue to struggle in this male-dominated sector owing to a lack of access to learning. Thus, more initiatives need to be introduced to reskill and upskill women in financial, entrepreneurial, and technology skills.

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Hear Her Roar!

Lunch Talk Series

In this lunch talk "Raising a generation of female decision-makers", Professor Elizabeth Lee, CEO of Sunway Education Group will share with us the importance of creating a new learning culture to raise the next generation of female leaders.

25 Jan | 1230 - 1300