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Webinar: From a developing to a developed nation: Challenges & opportunities in human capital building for the 21st century

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Date: Thursday, 26 November 2020
Time: 11:00 AM Singapore/Manila Time
10:00 AM Bangkok/Jakarta Time
11:00 PM US Eastern Time


Acquiring skills has never been more important. This urgency is fueled by not only the wave of the fourth industrial revolution but also the unexpected outbreak of the global pandemic. Skills building for job readiness now calls for the entire range of human resources, both the future and incumbent workforce, to action in meeting the labor market needs. 

The accelerated demand for highly skilled and qualified talent is also prompted by the growing prominence of Southeast Asia economies. Skills development becomes the main focus for these countries to align with their socio-economic goals. While education institutions seek to strengthen their current syllabus and curriculum, corporate companies seek insights to implement strategies for skills development. 

One of the key challenges in preparing developing countries to move towards developed nations is the shortage of digital skills workers. The challenge is further exacerbated by the changing global economy, especially in this critical moment of global uncertainty, that increasingly requires agile workers to be more creative, innovative, flexible, and adaptive. 

Key takeaways:

  • How do we effectively build future-proof learners and prepare them for today’s labour market?
  • Can STEM education develop problem solvers and critical thinkers? How STEM develop the necessary skills of the future?
  • How do we retrain the existing workforce with competencies and skills that meet the needs of tomorrow?

Join the conversation between two education experts from Singapore and Cambodia to gain insights & perspectives in equipping talents with a sustainable career journey. 


Lim Tou Boon
Program Director, E2STEM Education

Mr Lim moved to Phnom Penh in 2015 to pursue his mission of equipping young leaders to transform communities. An advocate of disruptive innovation, he is committed to the unleashing of young talents through an inquiry-based learning approach at E2STEM Education to produce competent Cambodian STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) professionals with 21st-century skills. E2STEM Education is a STEM project of the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports, Cambodia and E2STEM Education Ltd Singapore, and it offers Grades 10-12 of the Cambodian High School and a further 2 years leading to an international diploma in engineering/technology. E2STEM is located at Block F, Preah Yukunthor High School, Phnom Penh.

Prior to his move to Phnom Penh, Mr Lim was the President of Taylor’s College, Malaysia (2009-2015), He was the key driver in the institution’s vision of producing high achieving graduates to become productive global citizens. During his tenure, 1,000 students gained admission into the top 200 universities of the world each year.

Kenneth Tan
Acting Lead of ZilLearn Supply Side Partnership, ZilLearn Skills

Kenneth is an experienced educator having spent some 25 years in education and training, with an added focus on educational technology, curriculum design and development. In the course of his professional career, he has had the opportunity to wear many different hats in the education and training ecosystem, having served as an educator (teacher/lecturer/trainer), course manager, curricular and instructional designer and EdTech advocate, providing him with a deeper understanding of the expectations and challenges of the different stakeholders.

Kenneth has built a strong interest in leveraging educational technology to support and enhance learning. He had spent six years as an Assistant Director at the Institute for Adult Learning (in Singapore) advocating the innovative and effective implementation of educational technology in the training and adult education sector, including working with partners to bring technology and end-users together. He also served as Solutions Director in an EdTech company, helping educational institutions and enterprises appreciate how technology can transform how learning can be imagined, designed, delivered, supported, and evaluated.

Currently, Kenneth works at Kydon on the ZilLearn Skills initiative, which involves a platform to help individuals map out and continually update their skillset meaningfully so that they can remain employable and productive.

With an open mind on the different learning theories and instructional methodologies, Kenneth is pragmatically grounded in his philosophy of education. He believes that all of us have the innate ability to learn and that the modern educator needs to know how he or she can utilize technology to help each individual achieve a more positive learning experience. 

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