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Kydon reinvents itself to focus on the Future of Work and Learning

A few eyebrows may have been raised when Kydon Group, Singapore’s leading learning technology provider, finalized the sale of its enterprise LMS and content services subsidiary Kydon Learning Systems Institute Pte Ltd (KLSI).

KLSI has since been renamed Zionext.

After nearly a decade of building a power roster of clients comprising government agencies, enterprises, learning institutions, and non-profit organizations, founder and CEO David Yeo is moving forward with a renewed focus on his core mission and lifelong passion:

Building human capacity and making learning accessible to all.

Since 2012, Kydon has honed its expertise in designing complex Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the major players.

With deep experience in customizing learning solutions (and knowing what works and doesn’t), Kydon is now developing the learning experience platform for everyone: ZilLearn.

Affording “a zillion possibilities” for learning, ZilLearn will be the playbook for anyone (organizations large and small) to rapidly create, adapt, and distribute the “right learning to the right people for the right purpose at the right time in the right format.” 

David Yeo and team members at a ZilLearn product meeting.

Emerging Stronger Taskforce

It took a pandemic push for David Yeo to make his longtime vision a reality. Kydon is also leading the EduTech Alliances for Action Emerging Stronger Taskforce project called ZilLearn Skills to prepare Singapore’s workforce for employability.

ZilLearn Skills will be the first fully integrated career advancement platform that provides personalized career and learning recommendations through skill sets evaluation, leveraging data-driven job market insights, identifying upskilling and reskilling needs to future-proof careers, and transforming lifelong learning.

With Industry 4.0 and digitalization evolving the skills needed for jobs of the future, it’s critical for learning to also transform. 

“We’re looking at new industries where knowledge is still emerging and changing rapidly. Therefore, our content must change rapidly,” said Yeo, who came from a background of instructional systems and technology, and organizational development.

“ZilLearn has the capability to do that, and we want to make that available to all of our institutions, organizations, and enterprises so that we can make content easily accessible. We need to be able to create adaptive and quick content that is industry-ready.”

ZilLearn teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam.

Beefed up team

Kydon Group has deepened its leadership in recent months to bolster the development of ZilLearn and establish partnerships. Joining the board are Dr. John Fong as Chief Learning Officer, Sandy Ng as Chief Strategy Officer, and veteran financial leader Dennis Chia as Director and Advisor.

Several new key talents have been lined up to support Yeo’s vision and will be announced soon.

“Can we use EdTech as a new economy to be a competitive advantage for Singapore? Kydon and ZilLearn can contribute to providing the core platform to massively create, to massively enable, and to massively bring people together,” Yeo said.

“I welcome everybody to reach out to us. This big ambition can only be fulfilled if we have partners who are willing to work on this together in a way that has never been done before.”

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David Yeo is photographed by Singapore Press Holdings at Kydon Group headquarters.

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