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Learning from the pandemic: online schools could be here to stay

When COVID-19 struck, lockdowns were conducted worldwide, and measures have been taken to adapt to the new changes.

There was the adoption of remote working for organizations, and lessons were brought online for schools. While some have reacted well to new changes, many students, families, and teachers have identified problems with online learning.

In 2021, with stay-home restrictions and regulations slowly lifting, online lessons are here to stay. However, what can be done to improve the learning environment of students?

According to Arryan Rao, a Canadian grade 9 student, in an interview with CBC News: “It’s less engaging than in-person classes. It’s easier to get distracted and there’s a lot more opportunity to not do your work.”

Rao, 14, from Mississauga, Ontario, is missing face-to-face time with his teachers and friends from his extra-curricular activities.

“What we’ve seen is for the vast majority (of students), their social-emotional development, their academic achievement is diminished in an online environment,” said Harvey Bischof, of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation.

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