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Stories that Shaped Our 2021 Learning Journey

2021 was not the year we returned to some sense of normalcy but a year of exponential learning and growth.

We spent the past year talking to industry leaders, L&D practitioners, and HR professionals to better understand how the disruption and uncertainty of the global labor market impacted our pursuit for lifelong learning.

Here are our top 10 stories that shaped our learning journey in 2021.

Dive into these stories to better prepare yourself for your future learning journey.

Re-imagining L&D approaches

What is intentional learning & what does it mean for the global reskilling emergency?

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In the past year, it became clear that learning is no longer simply for personal growth. It is a necessary skill to survive and thrive in the new normal. It also became evident that intentional learning is the way forward.

Do you know what an intentional learner is and how intentional learning differs from other types of learning?

Step up your training: experiential learning at work


Touted as the learning technology of the future, a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is designed around the philosophy of ‘learning in the flow of work’.

How is utilising LXP beneficial for workplace learning?

Are adult learners the future of Singapore’s EdTech?

As online learning becomes the preferred mode of learning in Singapore, adult learners may become the future of the nation’s EdTech.

What are some of the challenges and opportunities adult learners face as the new kids on the learning technology block?

Re-focusing the way we approach work

5 Ways to Build Multidisciplinary Collaboration

It is unsurprising for a group of individuals with different expertise and skills to approach work in different ways. However, the past two years have clearly demonstrated the beauty of multidisciplinary collaboration.

Here are five ways to build multidisciplinary collaborative culture within your workplace.

Traits that make you employable in a hybrid world

The hybrid approach to work is the new normal but how many individuals are equipped with the skills to thrive in this hybrid work environment.

Developing the traits and skills to be successful in a hybrid world of work is both the responsibility of the employer and employee.

Leveraging tech to manage mental exhaustion in the workplace

Whether it is the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle, or the Great Reimagination, the workplace will not be a success if the mental wellbeing of the workforce is not made a priority.

Here are three simple ways to improve your employees’ wellbeing.

Re-inventing the ‘ideal employee’

Has double-shifting work and family set new standards for the ideal employee?

If working parents are accustomed to juggling a million things at once, should companies consider re-architecting their standards of an ideal employee?

Embracing the multigenerational workforce

Our ability to live longer has shifted the fundamental feature of our retirement model from ‘freedom from work’ to ‘freedom to work’. More and more people want and/or need to work past the traditional retirement age.

So how well is your workplace embracing its multigenerational workforce?

Investing in Women’s Lifelong Learning Journey

The future of work is incomplete without an investment in women’s lifelong learning journey.

How can organizations and employers begin to invest? In which areas of a woman’s lifelong learning journey should organizations invest in?

EdTech is reshaping the way we learn

The past two years have proven that we need to reimagine, refocus, and reinvent the way we integrate learning into our workflow and workplace.

With new mobile-first workplace learning solutions and competitions encouraging the development of top-notch learning experiences, the EdTech industry is reshaping the way we learn across Asia.

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