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Survey: Workplace Learning — Current human capital development and its challenges

The year 2020 has been one of the most dynamic years in modern history that impacted all areas of life. While fearing the loss of jobs to automation, incumbent and future workforces are battling with the changing landscape of business: the ecosystem of demand and supply chains, the job market, and the way we work. The new normal that we must adapt to is always work-in-progress.

As technology makes some existing jobs redundant, new roles are emerging. Skills that one mastered and once served may not be relevant now. More than half of the workforce is required to enhance and embrace new skills. OECD estimates that 42% of core skills needed to perform existing jobs in the next two years are expected to change in the next two years. 

Because of possible skills mismatches and a lack of relevant skill sets, companies experience recruitment challenges and talent shortages. The increasing speed of the global economic shift is hurtling us towards skill-building emergencies. For a company to stay competitive globally, developing new job roles and fostering a learning culture becomes more important. 

Together with the National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE), LEARNTech Asia aims to conduct a survey across the SEA region (with special attention in Singapore) to find out the current human capital development and its challenges. 

The survey has three main objectives:

  1. To identify the gaps in the demand and the needs of the rapid emergence of new industries
  2. To offer insights to stakeholders who are designing skill-building programs 
  3. To identify and address the drivers for learning at the workplace


For Employers

Employers survey: Reevaluate talent strategies and workforce needs

For Employees

Employees survey: Workforce competency and readiness

Thank you for your participation!

This survey is organized by LEARNTech Asia and the National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning. Should you have any queries regarding the survey, please contact us at [editor][@][learntechasia.com].

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