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Top e-Learning resources to manage the shift to remote training

No one can argue that businesses and organizations worldwide have to find a way to overcome the disruption of social distancing. Corporations aim for success need to pivot for fast adoption and implementation of education technology and available e-learning solutions.

But what’s the best e-learning approach for your business and human resources needs? What if you’ve never done virtual training before? Knowing what industries can leverage what type of online training for productivity and engagement is paramount.

While customer retention and satisfaction when businesses run on remote work policies is assured. How can L&D managers and HR teams boost sales training through remote learning management systems and video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams without face to face meetings?

There’s no easy road to mitigating these changes, but having a thought out e-learning strategy will help your business go above and beyond. Leveraging e-learning tools is key to bring the results you are aiming for. With the global disruption, there’s no better timing to start your online training plan than right now.

From choosing the right e-learning tools (Learning Management Systems, Authoring Tools, Web Conferencing Software) to comparing the most ideal content providers, you can keep your remote teams engaged through corporate training online. 

By searching through e-learning business directory listings, you can find the best vendor based on customer reviews. Or you may want to explore other solutions and strategies that fit your business needs by checking out top eLearning content resources. 

There’s a vast library of e-learning material. From case studies to insightful articles by top e-learning professionals and from webinars to eLearning eBooks, you’ll find a treasure of knowledge that can help you kickstart your remote corporate training.    

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