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By the numbers: Virtual conference 2020

Thank you so much for making the conference a success! We hope that you have enjoyed the conference and salute your commitment to make a difference in educating the future of Asia.

Some statistics on LEARNTech Asia Virtual Conference 2020 on June 18-19, 2020:

  • 3896 registered participants from 43 countries
  • 30 speakers from 10 countries
  • 6 keynote sessions and 6 panel discussions
Panel discussion on “Enhancing Engagement: Innovate Tools & Approaches”

With the rapidly changing landscape of teaching, learning, and corporate training and the unique challenges in Asia, LEARNTech Asia Conference 2020 has provided up-to-date insights from experts and front line educators who support the learning and edtech sector.

We always aim to analyze and provide concrete solutions and best practices to the shifts in the education and training paradigm. We have offered immediate scalable solutions and tangible strategies to grasp long term opportunities.


Maria Spies Co-Founder, HolonIQ
Congratulations on a successful conference and thank you again for an invitation to present. I’m sure the attendees were engaged and left with many new ideas and inspirations!

Raymund Sison Dean, De La Salle University
It was a fruitful panel discussion, for me at least, but I also hope for many of our participants.

Merlyn Rehna Physical EducationTeacher, SBOA School & Junior College
Today’s session was good & useful

Jocelyn Marana Teacher
Thank you so much. The webinar was very informative and relevant. To all the speakers thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise more power and God bless

Michael Nazareth Head Teacher, North Fairview High School
Attending the two-day virtual conference was an opportunity. I am so thankful for the learnings I got from this conference. It is one of a kind. The presenters are truly amazing. The topics are interesting. Time spent listening to the speakers is worth keeping. Truly this conference is a huge success for us educators. Kudos to the organizers and all the people behind this successful event. Congratulations!

Learn Tech Asia Conference

We will see you next at LEARNTech Asia Conference 2021!

LEARNTech Asia
LEARNTech Asia showcases innovation in learning in Asia. We feature stories and resources in online learning, workplace learning, adult education, EdTech, and creative solutions by teachers and trainers in learning institutions, non-profits, and enterprises that enhance human capacity and inspire communities of lifelong learners.


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